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Intel Report Confirms NYC Ax Attacker Was a Muslim Jihadist With Connections to ISIS and al-Qaeda

Posted by sharia unveiled on November 11, 2014


CCTV footage of Muslim attacker.

by, Catherine Herridge | FNC

The suspect in the Oct. 23 hatchet attack on two New York City cops had been searching online for jihadist propaganda and foreign terror organizations — as well as information on martyrdom and suicide bombings — in the weeks leading up to the assault, according to a city counterterrorism bureau intelligence assessment obtained by Fox News.

While initial reporting from unnamed sources suggested Zale Thompson may have been motivated by anti-government or black power sentiments, the four-page document provides new details that speak to Thompson’s self-radicalization. They show his online obsession with the “message” of terror groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

The intelligence assessment, further, said he “may have held a long-standing interest in violent jihad.”

Video courtesy of: America Now

A preliminary analysis by the NYPD of approximately 277 online search terms by Zale Thompson in the weeks leading up to the attack revealed multiple references to ‘jihadist’ materials,” the assessment states. “Thompson used internet search engines to query specific terms including but not limited to ‘lone wolf,’ ‘jihad,’ and ‘jihad against the police’.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the report says “there is no evidence that Thompson conspired with other individuals to carry out the attack” — but it adds that his Internet searches were focused on known terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, its affiliate in Somalia known as al-Shabaab, and the Islamic State. It also documents 58 search terms from Thompson’s electronic records that range from “jihad against the infidels” to “fatwa against americans” to “death to America in Arabic.”

The search history with terms such as “is Saudi Arabia a member of the United Nations” and “Saudi Arabic 69th general assembly un” also suggests Thompson may have considered targeting the annual U.N. conference and Saudi dignitaries.

The intelligence assessment includes an evidence photo from the crime scene where Thompson appeared to stalk the rookie cops, attacking them with the hatchet — before he was shot dead. A second ax and hunting knife from the suspect’s home were also pictured.

Officer Kenneth Healey, 25, suffered a severe head injury in the attack, and Officer Joseph Meeker, 24, was injured in the arm. Both are rookie officers.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., current member of the House Intelligence Committee and a former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, noted that NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the attack was terrorism soon after it happened. King said the assessment was pulled together and shared with police across the country after a similar ax attack in Washington, D.C. He said the document shows “it was not just one deranged person, but he was obsessed with Islamic terrorism.”

“This was jihadist inspired. Plain and simple,” said Frank Cilluffo, associate vice president and director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute of George Washington University. “He had so many search terms in this respect, I think it would be very difficult to suggest that it’s anything but.”

The intelligence assessment says there is no known link between the New York attack and the one in Washington on Oct. 31 — where the suspect swung an ax into the window of a police cruiser — but suggests the pattern of attacks on military and law enforcement, including recently against Canadian soldiers, cannot be ignored.

“As I understand it, NYPD is already instituting new actions, and new steps where instead of patrolling alone, they are going to have group patrols, and stay together even, even simple measures such as having lunch. They are hoping that people will stick together, so you can have two eyes and ears on potential threat,” Cilluffo said.

King said ISIS is recruiting individuals on the margins of society. “It shows the real necessity of having surveillance in neighborhoods,” he said. “It may not have prevented this attack. But the best way for the police to find out in advance about these potential threats is through informants and people in the community.”



Posted on 11 Nov 14 by Sharia1 Unveiled

NYPD Dissolves Unit That Sought Out Jihadi Hotspots

>Posted on April 16, 2014 by creeping

Will they dissolve units that spy on drug dealers next? End spying on Italian mobsters? Russian mobsters? Not likely, only the Muslim Mafia.

Contrary to the Muslim-influenced media, a majority of city voters believe the New York Police Department has acted appropriately in anti-terrorism efforts that have focused on Muslims. The NJ Attorney General stated it was legal and a judge ruled the Associated Press, not the NYPD, harmed Muslims.

via NYPD Dissolves Unit That Spied On Muslim Communities « CBS New York.


The NYPD has disbanded a unit that drew widespread criticism for reports that it conducted broad surveillance on Muslim neighborhoods.

As CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported, the NYPD announced Tuesday that police Commissioner Bill Bratton decided to disband the “Demographics Unit” after he took office – following a review determined that its intelligence could be gathered in other ways.

The unit was put in place by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s police commissioner, Ray Kelly, 18 months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

According to a report The New York Times, the unit had already been largely inactive since Bratton took over Jan. 1. Its detectives have been reassigned.

While campaigning for office last fall, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would end broad spying on Muslims. He said on his watch, NYPD surveillance tactics would only be authorized to follow up on specific leads and that the police force would be under the supervision of a new inspector general

“Our administration has promised the people of New York a police force that keeps our city safe, but that is also respectful and fair,” the mayor said in a statement Tuesday. “This reform is a critical step forward in easing tensions between the police and the communities they serve, so that our cops and our citizens can help one another go after the real bad guys.”

Meanwhile, Bratton met last week with Muslim community leaders to work on improved relations.

Working with community leaders who defend jihadists and seek sharia in the U.S.?

Posted on 16 Apr 14 by Creeping Sharia

Muslim Day Parade 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Muslim Day 1

(please click to enlarge all photos!)

Muslim Day 2

I went to the New York City Muslim Day Parade yesterday. According to the official parade program, this year’s theme was, “Islam’s Contribution to Human Civilization.” Yes, you read that right. And yes, it is singular, not plural.

To quote the editor over at The Religion of Peace, “Other than a big stack of dead bodies, I can’t think of much else. Guess they’ll have to be creative.”

Muslim Day 3

Well, they didn’t even bother trying to be creative. It was the same old, same old, with lots more of the same. No inclusiveness. No reaching out to their fellow man, just a lot of victimhood and no mention of terrorism, such as the mall siege in Nairobi over the weekend or the suicide bombing of an historic Christian church in Pakistan during services yesterday.

Muslim Day 4

Not even a peep about the many innovations that Islam lays claims to. It was just more Islamic jihad with extra jihad.

Take a close look at what’s going on in our own country, on our own streets!

Marchers with the flags of Islamic jihad on full display.

Muslim Day 5

All this jihad was accompanied by the usual chest-thumping boasts of being Islam being the best, and the dreary ‘allah-akbaring’ and ‘Takbiring’ all the way down Madison Avenue.

Muslim Day 6

There will be no dancing at the parade!

Muslim Day 7

New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly came for a photo-op. He did not march.

Muslim Day 8

Muslim Day 9

Muslim Day 10

Ray Kelly shaking hands [unwittingly] with a Muslim Brotherhood supporter wearing a yellow shirt as a demonstration of unity.

Here was something new! A U-Haul Kaaba.

Muslim Day 11

Muslim Day 12

‘The Hijab Movement.’

Muslim Day 13

A small sampling of hijabs in their various forms.

Muslim Day 14

Muslim Day 15

Muslim Day 16

Muslim Day 17

Muslim Day 18

I guess you could call it a male hijab, right?

Muslim Day 19

Muslim Day 20

Muslim Day 21

New York State Assemblyman Democrat Eric Stevenson spoke about his push for halal meals in our city schools and Islamic holidays.

And then there was a pair of Egyptian ladies who showed their support for the Egyptian military.

Muslim Day 22

I asked them why the Egyptian people voted for Morsi. After all, his views were abundantly clear to the world. The Egyptians of all people should have known what he was up to. They said that Morsi ran as a ‘president for all people’ and they largely believed him.

Muslim Day 24

I was a little incredulous because I was not alone in the realization that Obama was a lowdown, anti-American, anti-liberty Marxist during his presidential campaign despite what he told the American people. And yet, he was elected–twice… but I digress.

Muslim Day 25

‘C.C.’ is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the newly-appointed First Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt and remaining Minister of Defense. el-Sisi replaces Mohammad Morsi, who is under house arrest.

Muslim Day 26

This small group of Egyptian military supporters were in the tiny minority. I saw no other examples of dissent. In fact the speakers at the post-parade festivities were decidedly stacked for Morsi.
* * *


Now for the Muslim Brotherhood-a-palooza!

Khaled Lamada, supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood speaks about the ‘coup’ in Egypt.

Muslim Day 27

There were many supporters of Morsi.

Muslim Day 28

Muslim Day 29

Muslim Day 30

It was Morsi, Morsi, Morsi!

Muslim Day 31

Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, the sworn enemies of the United States.

Muslim Day 32

Muslim Day 33

Muslim Day 34

Muslim Day 35

Muslim Day 36

Muslim Day 37

They had a Morsi fevah!

Muslim Day 38

The only prescription? More Morsi!

Muslim Day 39

Muslim Day 40

Muslim Day 41

Muslim Day 42

Muslim Day 43

Muslim Day 44

Yusuf Estes, Founder and Director of GuideUS.TV.

Muslim Day 45

Mrs. Yusuf Estes, I presume.

Yusuf Estes tried to excite the crowd with his new Islamic TV network.

Muslim Day 46

It appears to be a family business.


Full set of photos, please click here.

More coming! Please, stand by..

Children sing creepy song about Islam.

John Liu, New York City Comptroller.

Mark Gjonaj, New York State Assemblyman, 80th District Queens. Gjonaj was at last year’s Muslim Day Parade. He shared the stage with New York State Senator, Tony Avella [D], who walked off the stage because he was offended by the radical content of the program.

Muslim Day 47

Posted 23 Sep 13 by Urban Infidel

Lee Greenwood Offended by ‘God Bless USA’ Ban

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kindergarten students at a New York City elementary school were banned from performing the song “God Bless the USA” at their graduation ceremony.

PS 90 principal Greta Hawkins said the song was not age appropriate and could end up “offending other cultures.”

But the song’s author, country music artist Lee Greenwood, said that as a man of faith he was offended by the principal’s decision.

“I wrote ‘God Bless the USA’ about the love I have for this country and the struggle we have gone through to remain free. Our country was founded on the principle that it welcomes people of all cultures and gives them the same rights we have as citizens,” he said.

“However, I feel compelled to echo the faith of our forefathers, who all believed in God and a respect of a higher authority,” he added.

Lee Greenwood talked with CBN News more about his reaction to the “God Bless the USA” controversy.  Click play for his comments.

“Personally, denying the children of PS 90 to sing ‘God Bless the USA’ offends me as a Christian,” he said. “My song is about hope, faith, spirit, and pride. How could that be wrong on any level?”

Meanwhile, the American Center for Law and Justice is working to have the song ban reversed, saying banning the song tramples First Amendment free speech rights.

More than 23,000 people signed a petition in favor of the song being performed.

The petition, along with a letter from the ACLJ, was sent to the school superintendent, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and several other school officials.

Posted on 15 Jun 12 by CBN.com

Suit against NYPD asks that surveillance of Muslims based on faith be declared unconstitutional

Posted by Robert on June 7, 2012

Islamic jihadists murder and terrorize other people based on their faith, but it is not permissible for Infidel authorities to take that into account. By actions like this one, Islamic supremacists in the U.S. are determined to end all effective resistance to their jihad.

More on this story. “Suit against NYPD asks that surveillance of Muslims based on faith be declared unconstitutional,” by James Queally for The Star-Ledger, June 6 (thanks to Benedict):

NEWARK — The New York Police Department’s years-long surveillance of Muslim businesses and mosques throughout the Northeast denigrated the Islamic faith and violated the constitutional rights of countless Muslim-Americans, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Newark today.

The suit, which is the first legal challenge of the NYPD’s spy operations, could mark the beginning of a historical movement, said Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, the civil rights group filing the suit on behalf of several New Jersey residents.

“This lawsuit is perhaps the most important legal challenge brought to date by American Muslims,” Khera said.

The eight plaintiffs are all Muslims from New Jersey and include a U.S. Army reservist, a Newark business owner who served in Vietnam and the imams of several mosques who were targeted by the NYPD Surveillance and Demographics unit.

The suit is calling for a “declaratory judgment” which labels specific surveillance of Muslims based on faith unconstitutional, said Glenn Katon, the legal director for Muslim Advocates.

Katon is also seeking a court order prohibiting the NYPD from future surveillance of Muslims based on faith and the destruction of all records compiled by the NYPD during its spy operations.

“When the NYPD says all Muslims are suspects we have a clear case of government denigrating religion,” Katon said.

The OIC is trying to pressure Western countries to criminalize “denigration of religion.”

Katon said that while the lawsuit is focused on New Jersey residents, further legal action could involve New York residents as well.

Muslim Advocates considered including Newark police in the lawsuit, but ultimately there were too many conflicting reports about the extent of their involvement in NYPD operations in New Jersey.

All eight plaintiffs were New Jersey residents that were in one way or another watched during NYPD’s operations including at least two members of Rutgers’ Muslim Student Association.

In the month since the Associated Press released a 50-page document detailing the NYPD’s actions in Newark, several Muslim leaders in New Jersey have spoken out on the ways the report has had a “chilling effect” on the Muslim community.

“This is a blanket victimization of a suspect class,” said specialist Farhaj Hassan, a U.S. Army reservist and one of the plaintiffs. “I think this is what the pilgrims crossed the ocean to avoid.”

The suit comes two weeks after State Attorney Jeffrey Chiesa announced the completion of a three-month review into the NYPD’s actions in New Jersey. His office found New York investigators did nothing wrong or criminal, leaving many Muslim leaders in New Jersey to feel like the lawsuit was a last resort to vindicate themselves.

“They don’t have the right to spy and do surveillance on innocent people, on good citizens,” said Newark Imam Abdul Kareem Muhammad’

The NYPD could not be reached for comment immediately, but on Tuesday NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Browne said, “I refer you to the New Jersey AG’s report and to the fact that NYPD activities in New Jersey were lawful, appropriate and in keeping with efforts there, in New York, and around the world to prevent terrorists from returning here to kill more New Yorkers.”


Posted on 7 Jun 12 by JihadWatch

[Funny, if you look at all the terrorist actions or plots in the last two decades, 85% or so were done by Islamic Muslims…the Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to take over America internally, they are taking over France, the UK, Belgium…Germany is having problems, as is Australia…and this is not mentioning that the fact the Muslim Brotherhood (which is made up of Islamic Muslims) is currently redoing the leadership of already “secular” Muslim countries…the ones that were friends with the US…they are putting up Islamic Centers everywhere, they are suing businesses for more “privileges” at work so they can pray, even after it is acceptable for them to miss two prayers during the day, as long as they make them up later, they sue and cause a ruckus so they can have foot baths, or not to have anti-Shari’a signs on their cabs, or billboards “offend” them…the Federal Government knows there are homegrown terror training camps, but the government doesn’t care (after all, Obama appears to be the Muslim Brotherhood’s Trojan horse in the White House like they have stated they will get one)…according to the Border Patrol, the vast majority of the illegals caught crossing over are Islamic Muslims…there are verified Hezbollah cells in Mexico (no wonder why Obama stopped Arizona from the crackdown on illegals, they were potentially Hezbollah operatives that he didn’t want stopped)…Persians (Iranians) have been caught scoping out various New York infrastructures…Persia (Iran) threatens to attack Islam’s “great satan” (America)…and when the NYPD performs surveillance on Islamic Centers and mosques…the enemy within complains and sues…too bad we didn’t do right after 9/11, what America did in 1941…made camps for the potential enemy in our borders in case they decided to wake from their sleeper cells and fight against America]

Al-Qaeda lone wolf was hours away from completing bombs for US attacks

Homeland Security NTARC News | 11/22/2011


Jose Pimentel was seized by police after being filmed converting pipes into casings for bombs that could have killed dozens in New York and New Jersey, Mayor Michael Bloomberg claimed.

He was allegedly plotting to avenge the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical Islamist cleric, after reading an article in an al-Qaeda magazine titled “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom”.”The NYPD remains focused on preventing another terrorist attack,” Mr Bloomberg told a late-night press conference. “This is just another case where our precautions paid off.”

Read More

Posted on 22 Nov 11 by Homeland Security NTRAC News

Well, it didn’t take 24 hours for Terrorist Front Group CAIR to start whining about the NYPD arresting yet another MUSLIM TERRORIST

Posted: November 22, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam


NY Muslim Leadership Council Issues Statement on Arrest of MUSLIM TERRORIST Jose Pimentel, by CAIR on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 12:39pm

A Statement from the Majlis Ash-Shura (Islamic Leadership Council) of Metropolitan New York, on the Arrest of Jose Pimentel

For Immediate Release Monday, November 21, 2011

Two days after Muslim leaders and activists convened by the Majlis Ash-Shura (Islamic Leadership Council) of Metropolitan N.Y. held a (November 18, 2011) prayer service and rally decrying the NYPD’s illegal, outrageous and completely inappropriate ethnic and religious-based mapping and surveillance of the New York Muslim community, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have announced the arrest of an alleged “lone wolf terrorist” intent on taking innocent lives in a pipe bomb plot.

                          Jose Pimentel, Convert to Islam, Terrorist

It is worth noting that the individual described by both the Mayor and the Police Commissioner was apparently tracked and, ultimately, arrested because of his interest in bomb-making and the steps he allegedly took towards assembling an explosive device. Assuming this early version of the facts is accurate, it is worth noting how different that policing approach is from the NYPD/CIA program targeting our faith community, based not on suspicion of criminal conduct but on religion, race, ethnicity, and such legally protected activities as mosque attendance, enrollment in a Muslim school, or where one shops for food or has coffee or tea. (That’s right; all Muslims should be considered terror suspects. It’s only a matter of time until they have an outbreak of Sudden Jihad Syndrome)

                           Working on my kuffar-killing pipe bombs

Considering the long history in America of “lone wolf” assassins and terrorists of different ethnicities, political persuasions, and religious affiliations or none, on one hand we are glad whenever a wrong or evil is averted that would result in the taking of innocent human lives. The Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York continues to oppose all acts of terrorism – at home or abroad, whether by individuals, groups, or states.

On the other hand, we await the details of this particular arrest. We are waiting to determine the answers to the following questions (Nobody owes you answers to anything)– As we have already learned that there was a “confidential informant” involved in the case for some time, is this arrest yet another example of police generated entrapment schemes and plots? (Whenever a Muslim terrorist is arrested, the Muslim infiltrators always yell about entrapment. The FBI should be investigating the Muslims behind this press release)

   Authorities have been watching his every move since May 2009 and finally  cracked down on the al Qaeda supporter. He had been making pipe bombs and planned on unleashing his wrath on the city of New York by blowing up certain facilities and murdering U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

What was the informant agent’s role in pushing the plot forward? Is the timing of today’s announcement purely coincidental or strategically convenient? Is the defendant mentally deficient or unstable in any way? How long was the NYPD monitoring the defendant’s online activities? Was the NYPD directly engaged in surveillance on the defendant in Schenectady? (How about, none of this is any of your [dern] business?)

Why were the federal authorities only at the “assessment” stage in this case, and did they decline to investigate or prosecute under federal laws? Time will tell. In the interim, we call on the independent media to ask serious and probing questions regarding the extent and nature of the threat posed by the accused. (Why just him? We’re equally interested in the threat posed by ALL Muslims)

  Joseph Zablocki. Esq? Hey, how come I don’t get me a JEW lawyer? This sucks.

In the meantime, the Majlis remains committed to combating domestic terrorism from within Muslim ranks, (CRAP!) while at the same time preserving the civil liberties and civil and human rights of Muslims, as with all Americans. (Muslims are NOT Americans)

88-29 161 STREET, JAMAICA, QUEENS, NY 11432

Posted on 22 Nov 11 by BNI

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