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FBI official: ISIS is recruiting U.S. teens

Updated 7:40 PM ET, Tue February 3, 2015

Washington (CNN)For the head of the FBI’s counterterrorist division, Michael Steinbach, the unknown worries him the most.

Steinbach is leading the daunting effort to stay on top of the evolving threat landscape, which includes targeting and recruiting teenage Americans. In an exclusive interview with CNN inside the agency’s Strategic Information and Operations Center, he acknowledged it’s extremely difficult to track every American who might travel abroad to join terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

“I’m worried about individuals that we don’t know about that have training,” Steinbach said. “We know what we know. But there is a number that’s greater than that that we don’t know.”

Steinbach says U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies don’t track individuals leaving the United States to vacation in Europe.

“Once you get to Europe, you can easily get down to Turkey and into Syria” Steinbach says.

There’s growing concern about homegrown violent extremism in the aftermath of last month’s terror attacks in Paris. Those strikes underscored the threat posed to the West by small groups of terrorists with western passports who are influenced by the rhetoric espoused by ISIS. Steinbach is concerned that type of attack could happen on U.S. soil.

ISIS images appear to show Jordanian pilot burned alive

When asked if there are ISIS cells in the U.S., Steinbach said “there are individuals that have been in communication with groups like ISIL who have a desire to conduct an attack” and those people are living in the U.S. right now, but he says the term “sleeper cells” is too simplistic, because the threat is much more complicated and diffuse.

In the U.S., the FBI has seen children as young as 15 recruited by ISIS and Steinbach said he “can’t speak with 100% certainty that individuals of that age group have not gotten over there successfully.”

In some cases, Steinbach said parents even encourage their children to be involved with terror groups.

“There are individuals out there who are inspired by the message of terrorist groups and they encourage family members, including their children, to follow that path,” he said, adding in those cases, the FBI holds the parents responsible.

Steinbach said the FBI is working around the clock to combat the recruitment of Americans but U.S. law enforcement can’t do the job alone. It’s up to families to speak up as well, he said.

“In the majority of cases, we know that someone recognizes that change in behavior, that radicalization,” he said. “That family member or friend chooses not to intervene. And by not getting involved, the story ends in a very familiar fashion, and that’s death.”

He also said ISIS is aggressively pursuing women on social media.

“The recruitment of women by ISIS is much more than we’ve ever seen by a terrorist organization,” he said. “We have seen everything from a female fighter — dedicated groups of women fighters — and those who have come over to support foreign fighters by marrying them.”

Colorado teen gets 4 years for wanting to join ISIS

He emphasizes ISIS is pushing out a false narrative of what it’s like in Syria in order to lure them.

Monitoring social media poses its own challenges, he said. The sheer volume of posts calls for strong analytical skills to weed through the data, which he said is a “full time job and a challenge.”

“We’ve seen lots of places, online media, forums, social media, where there have been calls to conducting lone wolf attacks in your home country through a variety of means, not necessarily a sophisticated technique, but use what you have, use the tools you have and conduct an attack,” Steinbach said. “They are using it successfully, I might add, to spot, assess, identify, target folks outside of war zones,” he elaborated.

And, of course, the FBI must also strike a delicate balance of respecting privacy concerns of Americans while trying to protect them.

“We don’t have a desire or a right to step on somebody’s freedom of expression. They have a right to express their opinion,” Steinbach says. “But when that opinion turns into violent rhetoric and then into action, that’s something different.”

Obama: ISIS only ‘interested in death and destruction’

Still, the recent arrest of an Ohio man, Christopher Lee Cornell, has drawn criticism that the government is making terrorists out of people. He raised red flags by posting messages supportive of violent jihad on social media and was eventually arrested for plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol. But there were doubts about how seriously Cornell sought to act on his threats.

To his critics, Steinbach says, “I need folks to understand that whether you’re talking about a foreign terrorist organization directing individuals or just inspiring individuals…we identify individuals with the intent. We don’t manufacture that intent. We don’t put that intent into their mind.”

But do they have the capability and manpower to combat so many individuals with the intent of attacking Americans?

“I don’t know if enough manpower is the right word,” he said. “Look, there are lots of threats out there, criminal threats, counter-intelligence-based threats, cyber threats and terrorism threats. And we have to identify those highest priority threats and focus the resources. There is a finite number of resources and we have to focus those resources on those threats.”

Posted on 3 Feb 15 by CNN


Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Leaders Obama Met?

The Man Who Murdered Chris Kyle, The American Sniper, Should Be Profiled As A Suspected Muslim Jihadist (AMERICANS NEED TO START LEARNING HOW TO PROFILE MUSLIMS)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

When we evaluate cases for potential Muslim terrorists, we always look for physical signs like a trimmed mustache and a beard that is lesser trimmed. And when it comes to a crime that was committed, we look at who the victims are. In  the story on Eddie Routh who murdered Chris Kyle, there are signs of concern, especially the facial hair, it does match the profile of a convert.

Mugshot of Eddie Routh

Mugshot of Eddie Routh

Eddie Routh. Notice the trimmed mustache.

Eddie Routh. Notice the trimmed mustache.

Also, Routh was a prison guard over Muslim terrorists at Bilad Airbase in Baghdad in 2007. He never served in battle, but spent most of his time looking and talking to Muslims in jail. He could have likely interacted with the inmates and got converted; prison has a higher conversion rate than any mosque. Also,  why would he kill a Navy seal who was known to have killed so many terrorists?

Although there needs to be more investigations to prove that Routh converted to Islam, the possibilities are there. After all, there could be a motive to kill Kyle who became a wanted man for the Sunni insurgents he was targeting, had a price put on his head and was dubbed the Shaitan – devil – of Ramadi. That plus Kyle was an ‘Islamophobe’ who was open about his rightful hatred for Islam and the Quran. This makes him wanted.

Examining his killer gives also clues.  “During a phone call with his father, Routh expressed sympathy for the detainees and discontent over how the US was conducting the war as well as his reluctance to engage in combat” and “While working as a guard at Balad Air Base, Routh laments his [Muslim] prisoners’ poor living conditions”.

What the media says that Routh had Post Traumatic Disorder is simply untrue. According to The Warfighter Foundation:

“Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007, at Balad Air Base (the 2nd largest U.S. installation in Iraq), with no significant events. No combat experience. Let me say that again, he NEVER SAW COMBAT or any aspect of traumatic events associated with a combat deployment (i.e. incoming mortar or rocket fire). He never left the base, EVER.”

The Warfighter Foundation, a nonprofit veterans group, filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain information about Routh’s service record. It was through the information they received that the group discovered Routh had not experienced any type of combat.

“[Routh] held a non-combat arms occupation of 2111 (Small Arms Repairer/ Technician or more commonly referred to as an Armorer),” the group reported. “Balad Air Base had a Pizza Hut, 24 hour Burger King, Subway, Popeye’s, Baskin Robbins, movie theater, and even a miniature golf course. It even had a strictly enforced 10 mile per hour speed limit!”

So what is all this hoopla about him having PTSD?

It is known fact that Routh’s family contacted Kyle about their son’s diminishing mental health. Routh was admitted to inpatient psychiatric treatment prior to the events at Rough Creek Ranch, according to a report from the Daily Mail. But at times even all this is meaningless. My father was diagnosed as bipolar and I warned the rest home who thought I was mad to say he was a dangerous Muslim fundamentalist until they one day had to call the police after he held patients as hostages because a black nurse refused to convert to Islam after his persistent attempts.

Fundamentalist get an excuse bill. My father obtained his papers of all sorts of mental disorders in order to get a retirement and to evade police. “Routh had been taken to a mental hospital twice in the past five months and told authorities that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, police records show,” the report says. One Pakistani terrorist in California used the same excuses after shooting Jews and they usually get away with it.

Further bolstering the rationale for expanded mental health screening and treatment is the case of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Prior to his enlistment in the Army, Bergdahl had been administratively separated from the Coast Guard for mental health reasons. Bergdahl disappeared from his command post in Afghanistan in 2008 and spent 5 years as a supposed Taliban prisoner of war. Yet we have proven beyond a shadow of doubt Bergdahl was a convert to Islam. He is no mental illness case.


In America, we profile folks mostly within a psychological framework and at times we miss crucial signs, that being infected with fundamental Islam is not some psychological illness, but that fundamental Islam can kill. Eddie Ray Routh murdered Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield in cold blood and now with the new information revealed that, while the gunman is said to have had serious mental health problems, so they say, PTSD was not among them, especially since he never served a day in combat.

However, major media outlets continue to beat the PTSD drum, adding to the stigma associated with PTSD and mental illness, to the detriment of America’s veterans and mental health care at large. The last thing on the radar of media is that Routh could have been a convert to Islam.

There are usually signs. We have maintained that Americans still need a lesson or two when it comes to the politically incorrect guide in profiling Muslims who could potentially be dangerous, especially now that more than a decade after 9/11 and with the latest terror attacks, Americans who come across anyone who has a turban, most, it was found out, mistake that person of being Muslim. So we decided to shed some light, yes, and we will write it in blunt fashion with no pun intended, on the politically incorrect guide to profiling Muslims. Americans by large are as naive as a kindergartner on his first day in school, who confuses Sikhs from India, who dress up in colorful huge turbans confusing them as Muslim fundamentalists. This is according to a study released this Monday.

Just as we profiled Routh, the simplest method we maintain in profiling a Muslim when it comes to headgear, is that a reversal of your projected image about Muslim headgear makes a better chance for a positive identification of your subject: the bigger the turban, the lesser chance that this man is a Muslim fundamentalist.

Fact is that Muslims dressing up in turbans is rare. It is usually an Imam of a mosque who usually wears a small skimpy turban.

This is NOT a Muslim

This is NOT a Muslim

This is a Muslim Imam

This is a Muslim Imam

Americans are lousy profilers since the study shows that a whopping 60% of Americans who participated in the study by the non-profit National Sikh Campaign admitted to knowing nothing about the Sikhs who live, study and work in their midst. The National Sikh Campaign commissioned its study, based on interviews with more than 1,100 Americans, as a starting point to raise public awareness of the Sikh community at the national and local levels.

When shown a photo of a smiling older Sikh male in a red turban, 28% of respondents thought he was Middle Eastern and 20% believed he was Muslim while 35% thought he might be from India, or of Indian descent, yet Only 11% correctly identified him as Sikh.

This is terrible. Americans are trained not to look at race or religion to the point that they become dumb to danger. Sikhs have been very much part of the American fabric and frankly speaking they are just tired of being the target of being mis-profiled and most probably would beg that Americans to get a dose on correct profiling Muslims. In the wake of the 911, Sikhs have found themselves targeted — with sometimes bloody results — by Americans who presume anyone in a turban must be a Muslim.

It is always important to look at certain signs in every crime to analyze if it was Islamic terrorism that is involved. First of all, a Muslim hardly dresses like an Indian Sikh. In fact, a Muslim religious dress code is closer to the dress of Jews rather than Sikhs. While religious Jews at times wear a little skull-cap, a religious Muslim also wears a skull-cap, but it is usually a little larger.

At times its confusing and unless you are a pro and an expert profiler, you could easily get confused. Profiling Muslims is as one profiles spiders and scorpions and the descriptions have to be given bluntly. With scorpions, like the turban size, the larger the claws, the lesser the venom. I once positively identified a Muslim threat from a listing of 300 or so names without even seeing them and the guy was caught and identified by the victim. Looks can be deceptive. Yemenis for example whether Muslim or Jew usually look alike except that the Jew has a custom in certain circles to allow the hair over the ears to grow, and hang down in curls or ringlets.

A Yemeni Muslim. This one is extremely toxic. One sting of this one can kill, it is estimated over one thousand women and children.

A Yemeni Muslim. This one is extremely toxic. One sting of this one can kill, it is estimated over one thousand women and children.

A Yemeni Jew. Harmless.

A Yemeni Jew. Harmless.

One main key in profiling a Muslim fundamentalist is that they usually trim the mustache and a Sikh is proud to just let it go as you see here:

No need to profile

No need to profile

I know that the next photo I used as a joke, nevertheless, the look is not far off, although the turban is rarely seen in reality.

Profile. Notice the trimmed mustache and the flat circular fashion turban.

Profile. Notice the trimmed mustache and the flat circular fashion turban.

A white large looking skullcap like this one is usually worn by Muslims, but with the trimmed mustache to go with it is a dead giveaway.

A white large looking skullcap like this one is usually worn by Muslims, but with the trimmed mustache to go with it is a dead giveaway.

Always remember, a Muslim fundamentalist is mandated by Islam to trim the mustache. Also, do not get confused because someone looks European, millions of Muslims have a European look, but the rules are the same, so don’t let some baby face fool you; either a shaved or a trimmed mustache with an untrimmed beard and a certain attire or headpiece is a dead giveaway to highly be a Muslim fundamentalist.

Jihadist European Muslim with shaved mustache is a deadly yellow scorpion with a very toxic venom.

Jihadist European Muslim with shaved mustache is a deadly yellow scorpion with a very toxic venom.

And although Routh doesn’t have everything to positively profile him 100%, another dead giveaway is to look at the forehead, if you notice a dark mark on the forehead which is caused by continual prostration on a prayer mat or a prayer rug, this is a clear sign. So a combination of a mark on the forehead, trimmed mustache and untrimmed beard is highly likely this person is a Muslim fundamentalist.

Extremely poisonous. Approach with great caution.

Extremely poisonous. Approach with great caution.

Yet even such signs do not mean its always a poisonous black widow, there is a chance that having such signs could mean that these species with these looks can sting and at times only when provoked. If you still want to find out, all one has to do is to show them a Charlie Hebdo cartoon or offer them to wear a crucifix and see how they react, its sort of like sprinkling holy water to a demon possessed individual, they react violently, but make sure you do it from a distance or while you have plenty of security around, especially at an airport.

muslims-praying-in-an-airplane-1-12But the rule of having a trimmed mustache and elongated beard at times could still be deceiving since this practice is not followed by all Muslim males who are slacking off, but still, this by no means this Muslim is peace-loving and even the mark on the forehead does not necessarily have a usual pattern and at times one could have several spots, sort of like a Mitsubishi logo, as you see this one Jew hater here, who does not even have a long beard but has the mark of an Antichrist Christian Jew hating demon:

A poison spewing Muslim fundamentalist. He is still lethal since he can either bight or spread his poison through the atmosphere and even in the airwaves.

A poison spewing Muslim fundamentalist. He is still lethal since he can either bight or spread his poison through the atmosphere and even in the airwaves.


But even if one has all three signs, a forehead mark, a trimmed mustache and an untrimmed beard, this by no mean he is the most dangerous. A Muslim with the forehead mark and with no beard or trimmed mustache is a dead giveaway that this is a stealth Jihadist who got rid of the two markers as to blend in the crowd.

Had Americans followed this simple technique alone, 911 would have been prevented. In the following photo of the 911 mastermind Muhammad Atta, notice his forehead somewhat has a darker pigment than the rest of his skin.

The most lethal. One bight out of this Muslim can kill over 3000 men women and children.

The most lethal. One bight out of this Muslim can kill over 3000 men women and children.

He shaved it all off before the mission. Also, don’t let that smile fool you, in preparation for an attack, they do everything to blend in. You just focus on the forehead. A shaven beard with the mark is code red, get the heck out of that plane and tell security that you have a strange feeling about that passenger’s demeanor. Its either you get accused of the politically incorrect profiling or 3000 more dead Americans are on the way, choose what you do and choose it wisely and stop profiling Sikhs. Here is one terrible story:

Slain soon after 9/11

One of the brothers, Arizona gas station owner Balbir Singh Sodhi, was slain four days after 9/11 by a white American who reportedly bragged that he wanted to go out and “shoot some towelheads” to avenge the attacks.

The gunman, Frank Silva Roque, got a death sentence for his actions that was later reduced to life imprisonment.

A second brother, Sukhpal Sodhi, died in 2012 after he was hit, apparently by a stray bullet from a gang fight, in his San Francisco taxi cab.

This is terrible, be it that these were innocent and even a Muslim who are positively profiled, they do not deserve such fate. When you profile and the signs are there, always call the authorities and never deal with the situation yourself unless it is an obvious emergency.

The bottom line is that Sikhs wear their turbans in a peaked style while Muslim clergy wrap theirs in a flat, circular fashion, but many Americans failed to notice a difference.

American patriotic Sikhs, notice the turbans are different from Muslims in a peaked style.

American patriotic Sikhs, notice the turbans are different from Muslims in a peaked style.

Jaswant Singh Sachdev, a prominent member of the Sikh community in Arizona, said he remembered a time when Sikhs were viewed as “nobility” in American society.

The mood changed, he said, during the 1979-81 Iranian hostage crisis when supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was cast as a villain in US media.

“When they see it, even the children, it is always the turban that causes suspicion and fear in those who see it for the first time,” he said.

But at times, there is no way one can profile a Muslim and is why some object on Muslim profiling. Muslims can shave their beards and even avoid having a mark on their forehead, yet they can still be identified as a stealth Muslim, but this needs further scrutiny.


Such scrutiny demands you ask the right questions and listen to what they say. Ask the Muslim, what do you suppose we do with Shariah laws that calls for killing converts or amputating a hand? If he is unwilling to denounce these Sharia rulings then this is a dead giveaway, especially if he insists that Islam means peace. These days, you should usually reverse what is logical and be like the defensive paranoid driver in order to survive the streets. But even that is not conclusive since a sleeper Muslim, probably the most dangerous type, is the one who can dress himself to look like almost any religion.


Now that you have completed your lesson, here is your first quiz. Try to profile the following individual:

When it comes to Americans, they have long ways to go and most of the time, when everyone shouts at you for pointing out your concern, is when you most likely have hit the nail on the head. I can say that Obama could be a Shinto, a Buddhist, a New Ager and no one would say a thing. But accuse him of adhering to the religion of peace, and you have a bunch of American plump farm caged chickens start pecking at your head. As for me, I don’t care, I am a free range rooster and the chickens want nothing to do with me. I simply have to look out for the fox whom I have profiled already.

Posted on 29 Jan 15 by Shoebat Foundation

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Funny how, whenever any Muslim commits “shaheed” (the obligated act of martyrdom from the Qur’an) against Westerners, the Obama administration makes sure it is deemed/labeled/diagnosed as PTSD/work stress…while making sure the reports do not mention Muslim, jihadist, or Islam…when reality lets people that know about Islam and the Trojan horse president, it is really a farce, it is a jihadist, shaheed action, to further “dispose” of the “great satan” inhabitants…the profiling isn’t for vigilante justice, it is basically so you can tell (not 100% but at least 90% certain) that a Muslim could be planing something…it’s just a way to see if something might happen and do what you can to stay clear of a Muslim fitting the profile…]

What turned Erdogan against the West?

Supporters hold up a portrait of Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan while waving Turkish and Justice and Development Party (AKP) flags during an election rally in Istanbul, March 23, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

Supporters hold up a portrait of Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan while waving Turkish and Justice and Development Party (AKP) flags during an election rally in Istanbul, March 23, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

As any Turkey watcher would easily confirm, hostility to the West has increasingly marked the rhetoric of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his ruling Justice and Development (AKP) and pro-government media in the past two years. Especially since the Gezi Park protests in June 2013, the narrative of Erdogan and his entourage has revolved around Western “conspiracies” and a “national will” that is bravely fighting them

Yet for those familiar with the AKP’s 14-year history, this may have come as a surprising turn. When the AKP was created in 2001, hostility to the West was not something with which it identified itself. On the contrary, party founders claimed to have disowned the Islamist, anti-Western “National View” tradition from which they came. Likewise, in the first years after the AKP came to power in 2002, Westernization (i.e., integration with the European Union) was the party’s prime objective. Back then, Europe was the source not of treacherous conspiracies that had to be thwarted, but of democratic criteria that had to be embraced.

Not surprisingly, the fiercest opposition to the AKP during that period from 2002 to 2010 was mounted by the anti-Western breed of Turkish secularists, known as neonationalists. This quarter — whose slogan is “Neither the US nor the EU, but a fully independent Turkey” — accused Erdogan’s government of “selling Turkey out to imperialism.” In 2007, one of Turkey’s best-selling books was nonsense titled “Moses’ Children,” which declared Erdogan to be a “crypto-Jew” colluding with the Elders of Zion. In the same era, the argument that Turkey should move closer to Russia instead of the EU was promoted by neonationalist generals, who would be implicated in the alleged Ergenekon coup plot to overthrow the AKP.

So, what happened that things turned upside down in the past two years? Why is the cry for a “fully independent Turkey” coming from AKP quarters now? Why is a paranoia of “Jewish agents” seeking to undermine Turkey being fueled by the pro-government press and social media?

Government quarters will likely answer these questions along those lines: “The West is aggressive against Muslims. Palestine is bleeding. Muslim blood is flowing in Syria. Egypt’s legitimate Islamist government was overthrown in a bloody coup. The West is responsible for all these and standing up against Western imperialism is our justified reaction.”

This answer, however, is unconvincing for a plenty of reasons. Here are some of them:

  • If “Western imperialist aggression against the Muslim world” is the problem, then the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was its most tangible example during the AKP’s rule. The invasion, however, did not turn the AKP against the West. In fact, Erdogan, who was party leader but not yet prime minister at the time, was eager to join the United States in the war, but failed to persuade then-Prime Minister Abdullah Gul and his party’s parliamentary group.

  • If the Syrian civil war is the key problem of the past several years, how it leads to blaming the West is equally hard to comprehend. For if the AKP is to be angry with someone because of its aversion to Bashar al-Assad’s regime, this should be Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Assad’s leading supporter. Yet, sympathy is the only sentiment for Putin that one comes across in pro-government media. Erdogan’s angry tirades against the international community never target Putin, either. (AKP quarters seem also untroubled by Putin’s annexation of Ukrainian territory, which has ruffled the Muslim Crimean Tatars).

  • When it comes to the military coup in Egypt, which truly unsettled the AKP grassroots, it should have spawned reactions first and foremost against Saudi Arabia, the most straightforward, resolute and powerful supporter of coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Again, though, we have heard no tirades from Erdogan blasting the Saudi monarchy. On the contrary, last week we had a day of national mourning after King Abdullah’s death.

In short, the strong anti-Western sentiment in the AKP world is hard to explain with — or at least only with — the West’s “imperialist” foreign policy. What could be the actual reason, then?

In my view, it’s the West’s continuous meddling in “our domestic affairs.” In the past several years, not a month has passed without a Western think tank issuing a report criticizing the state of press freedom or judicial independence in Turkey. Western media are awash with commentaries of a Turkey “moving toward authoritarianism.” The EU’s progress reports warn of “regression” on democratic norms. Washington often voices “concern” over the state of freedoms in Turkey.

Russia, on the other hand, never meddles in “our domestic affairs.” Moreover, Putin — himself under Western fire over Russia’s grave record on freedoms — praises Erdogan as a “tough man.” Erdogan’s chief adviser, Yigit Bulut, in return, describes Putin and Erdogan as the world’s “two greatest leaders” today.

But then here is another question: The West was similarly meddling in “our domestic affairs” a decade ago as well. Why was Erdogan not angry at the West at the time?

The answer is not that hard to find. A decade ago, the real power in Turkey did not rest with Erdogan, but with the Kemalist establishment, represented by the military and the judiciary. Erdogan was in fact under the threat of their iron fist. Hence, the West’s meddling in “our domestic affairs” and its pressure on Turkey to abide by European norms was playing into Erdogan’s hands.

In 2008, for instance, the European Commission’s then-president Manuel Barroso visited Turkey after a court case was opened to outlaw the AKP. He urged the Turkish judiciary to respect the “Venice Criteria,” which would rule out party closures merely based on ideology. It was hard-core secularists keen to see the AKP banned who denounced this “imperialist” meddling, while AKP members seemed quite happy with it.

Starting from 2010, the AKP subdued the old Kemalist establishment and laid hands on “full power.” With its newly found self-confidence, the party went back to its own ideological agenda. Its intimidating response to reactions from Turkish society served only to intensify those reactions. Growing political tensions dragged the AKP into a sharp us-versus-them rhetoric, in which the West morphed into a diabolical force behind “the enemies within” — such as secularists, liberals and, especially, the Gulenists.

In sum, it’s not the West, but rather the AKP that has dramatically changed since 2002. (If any key change took place in the West, the United States has shifted in a positive sense, moving from Bush’s aggressiveness to Obama’s moderation). The fundamental change was Erdogan attaining “absolute power.” He refuses to tolerate any limits imposed on his power by the international community and the liberal values it promotes, hence he yearns for a “fully independent” Turkey. In response to criticisms over press freedoms, for example, Erdogan today tells the EU “to mind its own business.”

None of these mean that all Western criticism toward Erdogan and his government is justified. Some in the Western media have used a prejudiced tone against Ankara, driven by ideological bias against “Islamists,” or as a reaction to Erdogan’s conspiratorial narrative. There is also no doubt that the Western foreign policy has no shortage of hypocrisy. Washington’s unconditional defense of Israel or leniency for the coup in Egypt, for instance, deserve lots of criticism. Moreover, some Western fiats on Turkey could be really driven by mere interests, and resisting those fiats is certainly a rightful stance.

Yet still, none of these reasons fully explains, let alone justifies, the categorical anti-Western rhetoric we hear from Turkey’s ruling elite today. The real explanation, I think, is their rejection of Western-style liberal democracy in favor of a self-styled authoritarian democracy. It is no coincidence that Hungary’s anti-EU leader Victor Orban agrees, for now he applauds Turkey, along with Putin’s Russia, as a good model for “illiberal democracy.”

Posted by al-Monitor

Four Star Admiral: the Muslim Brotherhood Has Penetrated ALL of Our US National Security Agencies Under the Obama Administration [Video]

05 Feb, 2015 by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I could not agree more. Every one of these Marxists should be removed from office, especially Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett (who is not even in office, but is the consigliere to Obama and is from Iran). We have allowed the enemies from within to gain control of virtually every security and intelligence agency we have. We are lousy with Islamists within our walls, who are conducting a silent coup within our government. Our conquest by Islam is happening right before our very eyes. The Muslim Brotherhood has meetings with the Obama Administration all the time and then they call for a decade of Jihad and the death of Egypt’s al Sisi. All with the blessing of Barack Obama. Everything our president has done screams that he is aiding and abetting the enemy.

From TPNN:

Retired 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, speaking at the National Press Club in January, says that under Obama’s guidance, the Obama Regime has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism front group, saying that the radical anti-freedom organization has penetrated every U.S. security agency. Admiral Lyons said that “the transformation of America has been in full swing ever since 2008,” the year Obama was elected based upon his campaign promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

Speaking about Obama’s refusal to attend the recent march in France, reportedly attended by more than 50 world leaders to condemn Islamic terrorism following the gruesome murders of cartoonists who had the audacity to lampoon Islam, Admiral Lyons said that act was a “signal to Islamic Jihadis,” and is “one of many signals he sent over the years while in office.”

“There’s no question we got a hell of a job ahead of us,” Admiral Lyons said. “With the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies,” he proclaimed.

Admiral Lyons said that our “lead intelligence agency” is “headed by a Muslim convert,” a reference to Obama CIA head John Brennan.

The new GOP majority in both houses of Congress were elected to “stop the transformation of America, not to see how they could work with the president.”

Admiral Lyons asserted that there is no such thing as radical Islam, but that “Islam is Islam.”

“The threat is Islam. Let’s make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam,” Lyons asserted.

When four-star admirals come forward and tell you that Islamists are running the show in America, you had better listen. This is something that Trevor Loudon and I have been harping on for years. Barack Obama will not stop our enemies, because he is one of them. He has gutted our military and intelligence agencies. He has replaced our leaders with Islamists, communists and sycophants. The treasonous damage he has done will cripple or destroy us if we do not have the spine to face evil and cull the Islamists and their sympathizers from our midst in our halls of power, our military and our intelligence agencies. Islam does not need a Trojan horse…they have Obama.

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[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Sorry to say this, but with a Word from the Lord that came down that tells us that if America does not come back to God, as a covenant country (only two countries exist that have a covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…Israel and America) we have been given harbingers, and refused to come back to Him, we have been given signs and prophesies in the Old Testament through Israel’s history when they turned their backs on God…they always suffered an economic collapse, then a capture/destruction…America now, is far worse than any country in the past that has been judged by God…and America is not mentioned, through iconology or symbolism, in the end times of Revelation, the “Apocalyptic” book of the Bible. There is a Shemitah that will happen against the US in September, where the dollar…our entire economy…will die, the US dollar will be taken out of the World currency, then shortly afterwards, Barack Hussein Obama will enforce martial law on the US, and will rid the US of American law, and will shuffle in Shari’a (Islamic law)…and the Muslim Brotherhood will have conquered America, just as they have planned, with a Trojan horse as president.

When the Word comes that America needs to come back to Christ, it doesn’t mean just an “Ask the Lord for forgiveness and everything will be ok again”…it means we need to come back to Him…by turning away from our national signs…the sins of homosexuality/transgendering (Sodom and Gomorrah was punished for this and was destroyed), all crime, both violent and non-violent (the laws of God, and the laws of the US originally were basically, an eye for an eye…but we no longer do that, so criminals get away with murder so to speak), abortion (this falls under the worship of the idol/god molocke), following false gods (wanting more wealth, more material things, more clout…being obsessed with hobbies like material items {PC gaming, console gaming, texting, best house, anything that is being obsessed over} is actually following false gods because they have become the god in your life, they are what you want most of), pornography (this is a lust, fornication, adulterous problem…it causes some people to become obsessed over stalking people, raping people, having illicit sex with people they don’t know, having illicit sex without marriage, cheating on spouse if married), pharmacia (Greek word for pharmacy…but overall it entails ALL drugs, good and bad), not to mention uncourteousness, selfishness, laziness, unhelpfulness…the list goes on…America would have to repent, and turn away from all this…the proper medication usage is the only exception…but drug use, improper medicine use, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, following false gods, lack of manners…all must be changed…or America will be destroyed…destroyed as we know it…destroyed from what it is now…

ISIS Vows to Behead Obama Inside the White House (Video)

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[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. There was a picture in the article from Sharia Unveiled, but with my posting my re-bloged articles in facebook, I fear that if I had the picture showing, they would pull the post…so I left the picture out…

Finally, a positive message from ISIS…

by, Lori Lowenthal Marcus | The Jewish Press

ISIS, humiliated by the Peshmerga, threatens to behead Obama, turn the U.S. into a Muslim province, and destroy France and Belgium.

The barbarians from ISIS recently released another bloody video. This one shows several of their members standing beside an executioner-style black hooded man towering over a straight-backed Kurdish captive.

The filming takes place in the middle of a street in Mosul, Iraq. We know the words spoken in the video, thanks to the translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI.org.

In this, as in all the ISIS videos, the terrorists boast about their bloodthirsty deeds committed in the name of Allah, and promise still more bloodshed.

In this video, see below, the executioner promises that ISIS will come to America and cut off President Obama’s head, right in the White House. He also promises that ISIS will turn the United States into a Muslim province.

Video courtesy of: MEMRI and Today’s World News Channel

Then the ISIS executioner threatens France and Belgium, warning them that ISIS will bring car bombs and explosives to their streets. He also threatens to cut off the heads of the French and the Belgians.

But his greatest ire is directed at Masoud Barazani, the president of the Kurds. His voice grows louder still, and he shouts out his threat to Barazani, whom he calls a dog, saying ISIS will behead him and throw him onto the trash bin of history.

It is no surprise that ISIS feels the greatest enmity for the Kurds. The Kurdish fighting force, the Peshmerga, have been fighting the ISIS forces with superhuman dedication and focus for months.

The Kurds finally regained control over Kobane, a previously Kurdish-ruled city, driving out the barbarians from all neighborhoods in the that city. The victory occurred on Monday, Jan. 27, the day after this video was made, but the tide had begun to turn earlier.

Once ISIS was routed from Kobane, Barazani said that it was “a great honor for the Kurdish people that they stood along 1,500 kilometers in the face of the most brutal terrorist organization and defeated it. This victory is the victory of humanity over the savagery of terrorists.”

And then, as if to prove Barazani’s point, the ISIS executioner says: “We will institute the laws of Allah, may he be exalted and praised.” He then turns his focus back to the Kurdish soldier at his feet, upon whose head the executioner kept his hand, throughout the speech.

“This is the fate of one of your soldiers, and every time you launch a missile, we will send you back the head of one of your soldiers.”

At the end of the original video  – this is excised from the version, below – the executioner beheads the Kurdish soldier at his feet.

The Peshmerga forces have already begun their assault on the ISIS stronghold in Mosul.

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VIDEO: Check Out what HILARIOUS thing a Pig Farmer Did When His New Muslim Neighbors Asked HIM to Move

04 Feb, 2015 by Tiffiny Ruegner
OBNOXIOUS! You know the guy who buys a house right next to the airport and within a year he’s upset demanding the airport move because of the noise pollution that interrupts his sleep– any thinking person knows this guy is an idiot and has nothing to complain about. That’s about as dumb as a Muslim Association buying land next to a pig farmer and then demanding the pig farmer move. Wait… but there IS a Muslim neighbor doing just that. Mr. pig farmer’s response will have you rolling!!!

When a Texas pig farmer was approached and told that he should move so as to not offend the Muslim mosque the new neighbors were intending to build next to his property, the pig farmer did what any other politically incorrect person would do: He began holding pig races during their time of prayer.

In Islam, pigs are considered dirty and contact with such animals is against the Islamic faith. Kamel Fotouh purchased 11 acres next door to Craig Baker’s pig farm with the purpose of building a Mosque and Muslim community center. Baker claims that Fotouh, after purchasing the land, approached him and asked him to pack up and move.
Baker alleges that Fotouh called him a “liar” during a town meeting. Now, the pig farmer hosts pig races on Friday afternoons at the same time that Muslims next door are holding their afternoon prayer sessions. On the outside, it might look like childish feud; however, what this scenario represents is the clash of cultures and religions occurring in America and the kind of dangers that Europe is now encountering.

While many Muslims are peaceful, there remains a steadfastness in their faith that the rest of the world must adhere to their understandings of the world, their cultural norms and traditions. Though liberals might consider Baker’s actions “intolerant,” it is exactly the opposite; when the Muslim man moved next door, Baker was not the one to cross the fence and ask him to move because his lifestyle offended him.

My bet is the Muslim Association moved there specifically to create conflict and I’m guessing they will be taking this guy to court over and over until the pig farmer faces financial ruin from legal fees. This video below… says it all! Pig races anyone?

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