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Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Leaders Obama Met?


Obama Met with Plethora of Muslim Groups Last Week

Posted on March 18, 2013 by creeping

One percent of the population, Muslims get a disproportionate amount of Obama’s time and your taxpayer money.


via Huffpo:

Just days ahead of his Mideast trip, President Barack Obama on Monday met with about 10 leaders of Arab American groups who encouraged him to deliver a message of hope to the Palestinian people even if he is unable to immediately deliver a peace plan with Israel.

There’s that deceptive media again (read Muslim Supremacism and Media Dissembling). No mention of Muslim groups, just Arab American groups.

Obama met with the officials Monday, four days after meeting with Jewish leaders as part of his preparation for the visit.

At least one of the groups demanded the following:

Unreported was the memo (read here) ADC hand delivered to the White House. In the memo ADC advocated for an end to the occupation and support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Did Obama meet with Muslim Brotherhood linked individuals and groups like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC? via President Obama Meets With Muslim Public Affairs Council Prior To Middle East Trip.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has announced that the director of its Washington office met in an “intimate” meeting with President Obama to discuss issues pertaining to his upcoming trip to the Middle East, including Israel. According to the MPAC announcement:

March 11, 2013, MPAC along with other Muslim and Arab American leaders met with President Barack Obama to discuss issues that will pertain to his upcoming trip to the Middle East. Haris Tarin, the Director of MPAC’s Washington, DC, office, attended the intimate meeting with the President, as he prepares his agenda for this visit to Palestine, Jordan and Israel. The group discussed with the President and his senior advisers how his trip can be a catalyst for restarting the dialogue that will lead to the implementation of a comprehensive peace plan in the coming months. Ideas were also presented on how to engage the Palestinian people, especially the burgeoning youth population. Tarin and others shared with the President some of the important work being done by the Palestinian people in achieving their aspirations for an independent and viable Palestinian state. The group also made  recommendations on key messages and policy issues that must be considered by the Americans, Israelis, Palestinians and other people in the region to ensure a just and sustainable peace process. =‘This meeting is an important first step by the President and his administration in ensuring that reliable voices of Palestinians and other concerned group and people in the region are heard,’ Tarin said. We are heartened that the President is beginning his second term with a trip to the region, and we hope that we can build a constituency for peace-making here in the United States and ensure that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a zero-sum issue in our domestic discourse.”

Other media reports indicate that Presidential meeting also included representatives of the Arab American Institute, the American Task Force on Palestine, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine.

Why the secrecy? There’s no mention of the meeting on the White House schedule or whom Obama is taking advice from, but the following day he was again meeting with Muslims in the White House:

11:10 am The President holds a bilateral meeting with His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam; the Vice President also attends

Oval Office

Pool Spray at the Bottom

(Final Gather 11:40AM – Brady Press Briefing Room)

12:00 pm The President and His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam meet for lunch

The Blue Room

Closed Press

(This is a tweeter post)

And via @Serbianna more Islamic outreach at taxpayer expense a few days prior to that:

Serbianna @Serbianna

Bosnian Muslim official tours US Congress, White House, State Department, says Serbs biggest threat to Balkans. http://goo.gl/h5E1x 

7:53 PM – 06 Mar 13

Just another normal week in White Housistan.

Posted 18 Mar 13 by Creeping Sharia

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. Want to point out and remind you folks…the Muslim Brotherhood created at least two terrorist organizations…Hamas (the former Islamic Association for Palestine) and Al-Qaeda (Osama bin Laden was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood)…both of these groups have killed thousands of people to terrorize the others around the attacks until they (the victims) convert to Islam. Our president is a Muslim, why do you think he caters to the Muslim groups, and bends over backwards to do the wishes of the Muslim Brotherhood.

With the president going to Israel this week, with his seemingly apparent attitude that Israel should be removed as a country (Muslim belief), with the shading notion that he wants to show that he is there for them. If this is the case, why did he talk with Muslim Brotherhood, anti-Israel, anti-America hate groups? It flat out doesn’t add up. We will see what he does, and will see if it is going to make the MB happy again.

Southern Poverty Law Center participating in conference today with Islamic supremacist Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

In July 2005, I wrote this about MPAC’s “National Anti-Terrorism Campaign”: “the concern here seems to be less on rooting out jihadists from within American Muslim communities than on protecting Muslims from uncomfortable attention from law enforcement.” And note their refusal to denounce Hizballah, etc., noted below.

Pamela Geller has the details over at Atlas Shrugs:

The communists over at the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the gravest threats to freedom in the United States, as named in the AFDI Threats to Freedom Index, try to suppress the truth about the SPLC’s subversive and dangerous ties. But this conference is revealing — and comes as no surprise to longtime Atlas readers. The SPLC’s Mark Potok and his paid stooges never met a jihadi they didn’t like. The SPLC doesn’t even have a category for Islamic jihadi groups or Muslim Brotherhood groups, whose stated goal (according to an internal, captured document) is to eliminate and destroy Western Civilization from within. The greatest threat facing our nation, our people, our world, and they are shilling for them and smearing those of us who are fighting for the preservation of our freedom.

An Atlas reader sent me an exchange he had with the SPLC’s Mark Potok. Reader Bob wrote, “I started out by looking on their website for a definition of the term ‘hate group’ fully expecting that Islam would fit any reasonable definition. When I couldn’t find such a definition (still can’t today) I inquired.” In the course of the exchange, Potok wrote back: “With regard to monitoring radical jihadists, we have made a pragmatic decision to leave that mainly to the major Jewish NGOs, which do a good job and have some real expertise that would likely take us years to develop.” In other words, the real hate just doesn’t matter to the SPLC. “Still,” Potok continued, “we do cover black Muslim extremists and have written about such matters as the connections between radical Muslims and neo-Nazis.”

In reality, they carry water for Islamic supremacists by smearing my organization as a “hate group.” See the revealing video about the SPLC’s defamation of me here.

And regarding MPAC, Discover the Networks has this:

Holding Israel entirely responsible for the “pattern of violence” in the Middle East, MPAC asserts that Hezbollah “could be called a liberation movement.” The Council likens Hezbollah members to American “freedom fighters hundreds of years ago whom the British regarded as terrorists.” In a November 1997 speech at the University of Pennsylvania, MPAC Co-Founder and Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati steadfastly refused to call Hezbollah a terrorist organization; he justified the existence of Hamas as a political entity and a provider of social programs and “educational operations”; and he equated jihad with the sentiments of the American statesman Patrick Henry, whose “Give me liberty or give me death” declaration was, in Al-Marayati’s view, “a way of looking at the term jihad from an American perspective.” In a 1999 position paper, MPAC justified Hezbollah’s deadly 1983 bombing of the American Marine barracks in Lebanon as a “military operation” rather than a terrorist attack. As Maher Hathout puts it: “Hezbollah is fighting for freedom, an organized army, limiting its operations against military people, this is a legitimate target against occupation. … this is legitimate, this is an American value — freedom and liberty.”


In November 2011, MPAC held a Washington, DC event in honor of Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of the Ennahda, the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate that had recently emerged victorious in the political elections in Tunisia. Ghannouchi is a longtime Islamist who, during the 1990s, was invited to the United States by Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian but was banned from the country. Yet by MPAC’s reckoning, Ghannouchi is “one of the most important figures in modern Islamic political thought and theory.”

Just a few months prior to the November 2011 event, in an interview with an Arab-language website, Ghannouchi had stated that the Arab Spring “will achieve positive results on the path to the Palestinian cause and threaten the extinction of Israel.” Added Ghannouchi: “I give you the good news that the Arab region will get rid of the bacillus of Israel. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the leader of Hamas, said that Israel will disappear by the year 2027. I say that this date may be too far away, and Israel may disappear before this.”

Here is a press release explaining the event today and calling upon the SPLC to withdraw:

National Religious Leaders Call on Southern Poverty Law Center
to Withdraw from August 15 Conference with Extremist Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)


WASHINGTON, DC (August 14, 2012) –  National religious and civil rights leaders today issued a letter calling on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to withdraw from a widely publicized teleconference sponsored by the extremist Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).  MPAC leaders  have made aggressively anti-Semitic statements, supported Hamas and Hezbollah, repudiated moderate Muslims, and hosted a speaker with Neo-Nazi connections to speak at their events.

The MPAC teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15th at 5:30 p.m. PST (8:30 p.m. EST).  Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the Southern Poverty Law Center at (334) 956-8200 or email and politely ask the SPLC, a self-described “civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry,” not to participate in the teleconference with MPAC.  The text of the letter follows:


 Richard Cohen, President

Morris Dees, Founder

Heidi Beirich, Intelligence Project Director

Southern Poverty Law Center

400 Washington Ave.

Montgomery, AL 36104


August 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Cohen, Mr. Dees and Ms. Beirich:

We note with great concern the Southern Poverty Law Center’s participation in the widely publicized teleconference sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council on Wednesday, August 15 at 5:30 p.m. PST/ 8:30 p.m. EST, with Wajahat Ali, Ms. Beirich, and Salam Al-Marayati, President of the sponsoring Muslim Public Affairs Council.

We urge you in the strongest possible terms not to partner with Mr. al-Marayati or with the Muslim Public Affairs Council.  To treat MPAC as a legitimate organization, much less a valued partner of the Southern Poverty Law Center is an extraordinary rejection of Jewish Americans and of moderate Muslim Americans.   We present at this link ( http://www.scribd.com/doc/102897106 ) excerpts from extensively documented findings about the statements and actions of Mr. al-Marayati and the Muslim Public Affairs Council that surely require you, if you have any decency, to cancel your participation in the August 15 MPAC teleconference.

Read it all.

Posted on 15 Aug 12 by Jihad Watch

FBI open to US Muslim Brotherhood groups “establishing a committee to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training”

And you thought it was bad that the FBI submitted to demands to purge counter terrorism materials of jihadic doctrine documentation: Obama disarms FBI counter terror training programs, purges truth about jihad

You ain’t seen nothing yet. The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadist brothers are on the march, emboldened by a pro-jihadist Obama administration.

“FBI officials say they are willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish a committee of experts to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training.”

Maybe the Taliban and Al Qaeda can review it as well. Hamas-CAIR is already all over it. Is there any rational man who believes that this makes us safer? Our government is clearly no longer a government by the people and for the people. It is now a government against the people.

The Washington Post is reporting:

“FBI officials say they are willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish a committee of experts to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training.”

FBI officials say they are willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish a committee of experts to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training.

“We’re open to the idea, but they need to submit a proposal first,” said Christopher Allen, an FBI spokesman who was in the meeting.

Groups at the meeting included the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Interfaith Alliance, and the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign.

The FBI is satisfied with the job that its own experts had done in reviewing and purging “problematic” materials, Allen said, and the agency is also “developing guidelines so it won’t happen again in the future.”

Mueller told representatives of the groups that FBI experts had reviewed almost all of the agency’s training materials, including 160,000 pages of documents. More than 700 documents and 300 presentations were subsequently pulled from the agency’s training materials.

Materials that were pulled contained incorrect or imprecise information, were stereotypical, or “in poor taste,” the FBI said.

While the groups praised Mueller for the review and for listening to their concerns, they also say trust between Muslims, Sikhs and the FBI had been damaged by the episode.

“It is a travesty that the Muslim-American community has lost trust with an agency that is here to protect us,” said Salam Al-Marayati, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Los Angeles-based advocacy group.

In a statement, the groups urged the FBI to acknowledge “the negative impact of these training materials on the Muslim-American community.”

The coalition raised the idea during a Feb 8 meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller, who met with the groups to discuss pamphlets, videos and other anti-terrorism training materials that critics say are either Islamophobic or factually incorrect.

Posted on 16 Feb 12 by Atlus Shrugs

It is my opinion, and does not encompass the administrator of this blog site, nor the Act! For America personnel’s beliefs or convictions, however; the biggest culprit is the president that wanted “change” in America, per his campaign promises…he is, if you do the political math, an Islamic Muslim, leading our country into Islamism. Evidence, if you have learned and studied Islam, you will see that a lot of his talk entails things that hadith’s say, or the Qur’an says, or how Muslims feel. He caters to the Muslim Brotherhood, even going so far as to violate his own Presidential oath by waging war against Libya. Then, because the Qur’an and shari’a law states that Muslims cannot kill Muslims, he did not make the decision to kill Osama bin Laden, an Admiral did because Sheik Obama was not making the decision very quickly. Osama does what he can to make Israel give up their land to the Palestinians, and shows disrespect towards the Israeli Prime Minister and their president.
The Muslim Brotherhood did all they could to encourage all the Imams (Islamic clerics) into demanding their congregations (followers) vote for Obama to become president (their aren’t going to do that for a Christian like Obama was trying to coax Americans that he was) Obama is pulling our troops out of Muslim countries because he doesn’t want Muslims killed, Obama doesn’t want to drill for oil because he wants to keep his religious brothers wealthy off American ignorance, as well as Americans paying the jizya tax to help Muslims. Obama has paid about $2 mil to seal up his birth certificates and other documents that would show that he isn’t eligible to be the president, and that he is Muslim. One of the big kickers is that the president of Pakistan has “nominated” Obama to be a global caliphate (like the Pope).  And another kicker is that the Muslim Brotherhood has stated that they have a Trojan horse in the White House. Another piece of evidence is that Obama has nominated and put into office a plethora of Muslims or shari’a law advocators (i.e. the Supreme Court judges that stated from the Oklahoma court case that Shari’a law should be accepted in all courts in the United States).
Once again, this is only MY thoughts and not necessarily that of Act! for America nor the administrators of this blog site. If you have a problem with the facts that I have shown, then talk to me about it.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Activist Arrested And Charged With Spying For Pakistan

     Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai

Global media is reporting on the arrest of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood activist Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, accused by the FBI of acting as an agent for the Pakistani intelligence service involved in secret lobbying efforts inside the U.S. According to a Hudson N.Y. report:

Relations between U.S. and Pakistan grow more and more tense. In July, the FBI arrested Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, a Kashmiri-born activist accused of participating as an agent for the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in secret lobbying efforts inside the U.S.. Fai, an American citizen living in Fairfax (Virginia), was born in the Indian-administrated Kashmir to a Muslim family, amd moved to the U.S. to complete his PhD in mass communication in 1977. Along the years, he became a known Kashmiri separatist leader, allegedly advocating Pakistan’s position. Kashmir is a region claimed by both Pakistan and India since it was partitioned in 1947. After his arrest on July 19, Fai was released on a $100,000 bond and is now in house detention, under electronic surveillance, pending trial. He faces up to five years in prison shoulkd the court decide to convict him. In 1990, Fai founded a non-profit organization, the Kashmiri American Council (KAC), at the moment when Pakistan and India were at the verge of a war over Kashmir. He was charged along with Zaheer Ahmad, his American-Pakistani associate (who was not arrested and is believed to be in Pakistan), for obtaining illegal funding for KAC from Pakistan. The United States Attorney at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Neil Macbride, said that Fai is accused of a “decades-long scheme with one purpose: to hide Pakistan’s involvement behind his efforts to influence the U.S. government’s position on Kashmir. His handlers in Pakistan allegedly funneled millions through the Kashmir Center to contribute to U.S. elected officials, fund high-profile conferences, and pay for other efforts that promoted the Kashmiri cause to decision makers in Washington.”

Read the rest here.

According to an online profile of Dr. Fai:

Dr. Fai is the founding chairman of the California-based World Peace Forum. He is the Chairman of the International Institute of Kashmir Studies. He is also the Chairman of the Kashmiri American Foundation & the London-based Justice Foundation. Dr. Fai is also the Member of the Board of Director of Istanbul-based the Union of the NGOs of the Islamic World. Dr. Fai holds a Ph.D. in mass communications from Temple University, Pennsylvania, and an M.A. from the Aligarh University in India. As a student leader, he represented the International Federation of Student Organizations at many international conferences. In 1986, he addressed the United Nations Conference in New York on Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries. At Temple University, he was elected as the President of the International Students Association and Director of Temple University, Graduate Students Council. He was also a member of the Temple University President’s Students Advisory Council. He was also elected as the General Secretary of the Temple University Space & Funding Committee. Dr. Fai was elected as the “President of the Muslim Students Association of the United States & Canada” between 1984-1988, whose membership exceeded 73,000 in 1988.

During his studies at Temple University, Dr. Fai was associated with Ismail Faruqi, one of the early leaders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and who was instrumental in the idea for establishing the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), an important part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Both the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the International Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) were critical components of the US and Global Muslim Brotherhood during the time Dr. Fai was active. According to a recent report on the first Gaza flotilla by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), the Union of the NGOs of the Islamic World is a key part of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood network that was instrumental in developing and executing that flotilla. In addition, Dr. Fai has been a regular speaker at a number of conferences of the Islamic Society of North America, another part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

As might be expected given Dr. Fai’s role in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections immediately issued a statement of support for Dr. Fai:

The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT***), a national coalition of major Muslim organizations, today issued a statement to express its commitment to the people of Kashmir and their peaceful struggle for self-determination and to reaffirm Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai’s constitutional rights and the presumption of innocence afforded to every person in the United States. Having carried out a heroic struggle under most difficult circumstances, Dr. Fai has become the globally-recognized face of Kashmiri public diplomacy.   AMT said in a statement: “Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, a respected community activist and leader, has a right to the presumption of innocence and the right to a competent legal defense, the cost of which will require community support. “Equally important for us is to ensure that the cause of Kashmir finds a peaceful expression in the United States. All the constitutional protections afforded any American citizen must remain available to Kashmiri-Americans and to all those who support the Kashmiri right to self-determination. “Let no one be deluded into thinking that the present restrictions on the Kashmiri American Council (KAC) will mean banning of advocacy on behalf of the long-suffering people of Kashmir. “We urge President Obama to ensure that the recent pro-India shift in U.S. policy, clearly manifested in Secretary of State Clinton’s speech in India, will not be used by law enforcement agencies to stifle national debate about the future of Kashmir.

The AMT is a coalition of almost all the major U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations as documented in a Hudson Institute report including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), the Muslim Student Association, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Posted on 7 Aug 11 by Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties

by  Robert Spencer



Barack Obama has declared that all opposition groups should have representation in the next Egyptian government, which essentially ensures that the Muslim Brotherhood will be part of that government.  The Brotherhood is the largest opposition group in Egypt, so it will probably end up in the driver’s seat in any new regime, and steer Egypt toward becoming an Islamic state inveterately hostile to the United States.

So why isn’t Obama working to limit the Brotherhood’s scope and influence?  Maybe because he doesn’t really have a problem with the Brotherhood, despite its hostility to America.  He made sure to invite Brotherhood leaders to attend his notorious speech to the Islamic world in Cairo, Egypt, in June 4, 2009.  Starting in the earliest days of his administration, he showed an intense desire to establish friendly ties with Brotherhood-linked organizations—despite the Brotherhood’s stated goal of “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Obama first reached out to the Brotherhood when he chose the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group that had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case to give a prayer during his inauguration ceremonies.  Ingrid Mattson, then-president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), offered this prayer at the National Cathedral on Obama’s Inauguration Day—despite the fact that the ISNA has admitted its ties to the Brotherhood.  The previous summer, federal prosecutors rejected a request from the ISNA to remove its unindicted co-conspirator status.

Obama didn’t ask Mattson to explain the ISNA’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.  On the contrary:  He sent his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett​, to be the keynote speaker at the ISNA’s national convention in 2009.

Even worse, in April 2009, Obama appointed Arif Alikhan​, the deputy mayor of Los Angeles, as assistant secretary for policy development at the Department of Homeland Security​.  Just two weeks before he received this appointment, Alikhan (who once called the jihad terror group Hezbollah a “liberation movement”) participated in a fund-raiser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).  Like the ISNA, MPAC has links to the Muslim Brotherhood.  In a book titled In Fraternity:  A Message to Muslims in America, co-author Hassan Hathout, a former MPAC president, is identified as “a close disciple of the late Hassan al-Banna of Egypt.  “The MPAC-linked magazine The Minaret spoke of Hathout’s closeness to al-Banna in a 1997 article:  “My father would tell me that Hassan Hathout was a companion of Hassan al-Banna. … Hassan Hathout would speak of al-Banna with such love and adoration; he would speak of a relationship not guided by politics or law but by a basic sense of human decency.”

The late al-Banna, of course, was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Terror researcher Steven Emerson​’s Investigative Project​ has documented MPAC’s indefatigable and consistent opposition to virtually every domestic anti-terror initiative.  Its magazine The Minaret has dismissed key counterterror operations as part of “[t]he American crusade against Islam and Muslims.”  For his part, while Alikhan was deputy mayor of Los Angeles, he blocked a Los Angeles Police Department project to assemble data about the ethnic makeup of mosques in the Los Angeles area.  This was not an attempt to conduct surveillance of the mosques or monitor them in any way.  LAPD Deputy Chief Michael P. Downing explained that it was actually an outreach program:  “We want to know where the Pakistanis, Iranians, and Chechens are so we can reach out to those communities.”  But Alikhan and other Muslim leaders said that the project manifested racism and “Islamophobia,” and the LAPD ultimately discarded all plans to study the mosques.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a pro-Sharia group.  Obama’s chief adviser on Islamic affairs, Dalia Mogahed​, is a pro-Sharia Muslim.  In their Gallup survey published under the hubristic title “Who Speaks for Islam?  What A Billion Muslims Really Think,” Mogahed and Saudi-funded dhimmi, or non-Muslim, pseudo-academic John Esposito​ cooked their data to increase the number of Muslim “moderates,” counting as “moderate” Muslims who wanted Sharia rule, hated America , supported jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing, and opposed equality of rights for women.  Mogahed also defended Sharia on a British TV show.

With Brotherhood operatives in the American government and working closely with it, thanks to Barack Obama, it’s no surprise that he would have no problem with their being part of the Egyptian government too.

posted on 8 Feb 11 by Robert Spenser

Center for American Progress Defends Shariah, Charges America with Islamophobia

Center for Security Policy | Aug 26, 2011

For more information, contact David Reaboi
Director of Communications dreaboi@securefreedom.org or (202) 431-1948

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 25, 2011: There they go again. Friday, the Center for American Progress released “Fear, Inc.,” yet another report in the increasingly hysterical bullying campaign to shout down criticism of political Islamist efforts to influence American foreign and domestic policy. Their latest “copy and paste” effort duplicates large sections of five nearly identical “investigations” just this year, complaining that millions of concerned Americans are Islamophobes.

The primary organizations–  what should be called the “Shariah Defense Lobby“– are the Center for American Progress/ThinkProgress, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) with support from a handful of other far-left or Islamist bloggers and Washington lobbyists.

The “Shariah Defense Lobby” whitewashes and protects political, legal, military and religious doctrines of Shariah law (Islamic law) from scrutiny. One of its major goals is to silence all criticism of Islamist aggression, jihadist violence, or Shariah violations of human rights and civil liberties.

Frank J. Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, noted that:

The ‘Shariah Defense Lobby’ is in a race against time to hide the grim reality of Shariah law as it is actually enforced, as Islamist movements and political parties throughout the Arab world are aggressively seeking to govern by Shariah. Most significantly, the ‘Shariah Defense Lobby’ refuses to discuss a simple fact: secular and democratic activists in Egypt and elsewhere in the Muslim world oppose Shariah in their countries, just as Americans oppose it here.

The latest report also attacks venerable American family foundations for supporting educational efforts on national security and counter-terrorism. The funding sources of the “Shariah Defense Lobby” should be exposed to public scrutiny. For example, CAIR– an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing trial in American history– has reportedly received millions in foreign funding from Islamist contributors, including the Organization of Islamic Conference (aka Cooperation). This year, CAIR lost its nonprofit tax status because of its refusal to file tax forms that would have revealed its sources of funding.

In addition to CAIR’s foreign financing, this latest paper from the Center for American Progress reveals that the project depends on money from the Open Society Foundations, a funding vehicle of far-left billionaire George Soros. George Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC. He has amassed a personal fortune estimated at about $14.5 billion (as of 2011). His company, Soros Fund Management, controls at least another $27.9 billion in investor assets. Soros’s foundation network– whose flagship is the Open Society Institute (OSI)– has reportedly dispensed billions to a multitude of far left organizations.

The “Shariah Defense Lobby,” which aggressively defends Shariah from its critics, has produced a year-long campaign of remarkably identical agitprop papers, all with a single goal: to attack the millions of Americans who are concerned about political Islamists’ growing power here in the U.S. and abroad.   In these increasingly shrill reports, the “Shariah Defense Lobby” keeps attempting to silence the great majority of Americans who express legitimate concerns about home-grown Islamist terrorism, and about Islamist efforts to enforce Shariah law on American Muslim families and even on non-Muslim Americans.

The Center for American Progress– authors of “Fear, Inc.”– are trying to make Americans afraid of discussing one of the greatest national security threats we face. Thankfully, the American people aren’t buying what they’re selling: the campaign is having the opposite effect of what the Lobby intends.

Posted on 26 Aug 11 by Center for Security Policy

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