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ISLAM is the Egyptian mystery religion of Osiris

Reader comment on item: Is Allah God?

Submitted by John 8:32 (United States), Apr 5, 2006

People need to do their homework and see that the symbolism in the architecture of the mosques and the sun symbols clearly shows the worship of Osiris death and resurrection of the sun god Osiris through Horus. Nimrod, Osiris, Allah same deity……
The minaret is the (phallic symbol) male generative principle of Osiris and the dome mosque is the breast (mundane egg with crescent symbol) of Isis or female principle…

Prayer times are regulated by the sun….The planet Venus announces the rebirth of the sun god Horus which we get the word hours from…..Horus is always depicted suckling the breast of Isis so during the day the sun god suckles the breast of the goddess Isis represented by the breast mosque symbolism..(point within a circle)…Albert Pike Morals and Dogma….Osiris represents the sun at night and just before sun up they pray to Osiris and then the sun god resurrects each day as Horus…….They pray to Horus(sun) during the day and then end the evening praying to Osiris after Horus (sun) SETS !…….look at all the sun symbols on the mosques…..Look on internet and see the Egyptian pyramid mosques in Indonesia with glass capstones….hmm look at a US dollar now…(ALL SEEING EYE).. Now can you say Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians? Manly P Hall book……”Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries…By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language…In a single figure a symbol may both reveal and conceal, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable.”
— Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p.20.

Look at Egyptian hieroglyphics and see the women dressed just like present day Muslims…..
The Hajj is almost identical with the festival of Osiris……The Kaaba represents the coffin of Osiris and they circle it 7 times in the direction of the sun….tribute to Osiris….representing the seven lights of the ancient world : sun, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The self flagellation ceremony is identical with the festival of Osiris representing the dismemberment of Osiris by Set……The stoning of the devil is represented by the phallic pillar(Osiris missing part) and symbolizes the anger of the sheeple [sheep/people] over the death of Osiris by evil Set…..now you know where the phrase SUN SET came from….sun dying to Set……the rituals and symbolism are nearly identical with Islam and Egyptian mystery religion
This is pantheism at its best discretely hidden to the uninitiated.

Another give away is the color green is on almost all Islamic flags representing Osiris as a god of vegetation and his skin was green and has the crescent moon symbol for Isis …..As well looking in the Qur’an it says in Surah 53:19-20 “Have ye seen Lat and Uzza (which represents Venus) (Manly P Hall Secret Teachings of All Ages..) Surah 53:20 And another, the Third Goddess Manat?

The color green is associated with Venus, Friday the Muslim Sabbath day and fertility..and the symbol of Taurus…. the crescent moon represents the female generative principle and the star the male………You didn’t need a 33 degree Freemason to tell you people the truth…..Quit killing each other and love thy neighbor……Yahshua is the Messiah honor him on Passover April 12 [15 Apr for this year, 2014] and Christians give up the Babylonian pagan sun god worship of Tammuz called Easter (Ishtar) [This is correct, Easter has nothing to do with Christ’s resurrection, Constantine, wanted to merge paganism with Catholicism, so once again, the Christians have been fooled by being gullible by not seeking God, just want to party in any way they can.]

Posted on 5 Apr 06 by a commenter at Daniel Pipes

[Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories. This shows that, once you have researched both Freemasonry and Islam, you will know that Freemasons belief in Osiris and allah, and Islam believes in allah, and, to a point, have some of the Osiris practices adhered to… This phenomenon of the hidden influence of the Holy Qur’an is also seen in American politics where 32nd and 33rd degree masons – known as Moslem Shriners actually study Islam in secret. The Shriners make up the wealthiest charity in America. Many US presidents, including Barack Hussein Obama {32d degree}, were/are Shriners who study the Qur’an (BHO still studies it because of his background and the fact that the Mus|im Brohood is his handlers), [as well as Popes, including Pope Francis who is a 32d degree Mason as well] in a unique way, for guidance and insight.

Masons who have reached such degrees as 32nd and 33d are not called Masons. They are called Moslem Shriners. When you take the 33rd degree you are taught to greet each other; ‘As- Salaam Alaikum‘. You are taught Islam from then on because you become a Muslim when that degree is conferred on you. At least you are supposed to be a believer in Islam. They teach you, almost from the start, to turn your face to the east.”

Freemasons do not have to become Mus|ims but are mandated into reading the Qur’an and using the Islamic terminology. The Mystic Shrine legend so-called had its inception in 644 A. D. in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, relative to Shia Islam in particular, and Caliph Ali Ibn Ibi Talib in general, the son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (570-632), the founder of the Islamic religion.


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